"Robin Young has been a practicing martial artist for over 40 years. He has accomplished great success in Chinese Kung Fu (Lor's Hung Kuen), various grappling arts, traditional and modern weaponry, Police Use of Force instruction and Jiu Jitsu. His knowledge of sel- defence and practical methodologies in real life self-defence applications is extensive.

In his course, Robin focuses on situation awareness and straight forward minimal force techniques aimed at recognizing, avoiding, escaping violence or, if needed, physically restraining a violent person while preserving the health and safety of everyone involved. Robin is committed and dedicated to training paramedics to increase their personal safety and the safety of those around them.

This resource is an essential element in the development and training of both the student and professional paramedic. It contains a clear, concise and practical approach to preserving safety within a variety of resources paramedics encounter on an all too regular basis. I strongly recommend this resource for any paramedic or EMS educator.

Wayland Pulkkinen BP E, MSc, ACP
Judo Canada & Canadian Jiu Jitsu Council

"With forty years experience in the field, from student to teacher, as a martial arts professional, I know that I can comment on his ability to teach self-defence . . . to anyone.

Sifu Young is a wonderful ambassador for Kung Fu. His skills as a teacher are only surpassed by his skills as a human being . . . he will be able to teach the Paramedics everything they will need to know to protect themselves, but more importantly, he will teach them what they need to know to avoid having to use those same skills.

He will give the Paramedics the skills and knowledge to keep them safe, which will give them the confidence to react positively to any situation they might encounter. Any Paramedic who finds himself/herself at a seminar taught by Sifu Young is a lucky paramedic indeed.

Robert Mustard
Chief Instructor, 7th Dan, Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby