Self-Defence for Paramedics and other Health Care Professionals by W. Robin Young

This book is aimed primarily at Emergency Medical Service (EMS) paramedics but will also be valuable to other on-scene emergency responders such as fire fighters and crisis workers. Nurses, doctors, orderlies and security personnel in a hospital or clinic setting can also use this information. While this book can not cover every aspect of personal self-defence, the goal is to give you skills to add to your toolbox of training and work experience. The overall message of the book is simply to stay safe.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Self-Defence and Canadian Law

Chapter 2: Weapons at the Scene

Chapter 3: Factors that Lead to Violence in Patients

Chapter 4: Attack Behaviours

Chapter 5: Principles of Paramedic Self-Defence

Chapter 6: Techniques of EMS Personal Protection


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