Paramedic Physical Restraining Techniques

Patients can become abusive and violent for a variety of reasons. They may need to be physically restrained to minimize injury to themselves as well as you and others nearby. This six hour course will examine and discuss strategies to defuse tensions, physically escape danger and restrain a violent patient using minimal force.

Topical Outline:

  1. Identifying Potential Violence
  2. Physical Distancing and Stance
  3. Escaping Threats
  4. Escape Techniques: Blocking and Release from holds  
  5. Restraining Techniques
  6. Ground Escapes
  7. Partner Assistance
  8. Defensive Striking Techniques

Course Time: 6 hours
Timing: 9:00 ~ Noon, 1:00 ~ 4:00, 1 hour lunch, 2 x 10 minute breaks

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