Paramedic Crisis Response and Self-Defence

This complete two day course (12 hours) combines theory and practical exercises addressing approaches to crisis responses as well as practical self-defence techniques.

Topical Outline:

Day 1: Theory and Practice

  1. Definitions of Crisis and Crisis Intervention
  2. Components of Crisis
  3. Causes of Crisis
  4. Escalation Effect
  5. Crisis Defusing Techniques

Day 2: Theory and Practice

  1. Signs of Potential Violence and Threat Assessment
  2. Escape Techniques
  3. Minimal Force Restraining Techniques
  4. Paramedic Self-Defence
  5. Legal Rights and Responsibilities
  6. Staying Safe

Course Time: 12 hours
Timing for each day: 9:00 ~ Noon, 1:00 ~ 4:00, 1 hour lunch, 2 x 10 minute breaks

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